Ms.Bee Womxn + Seva Fresh Farm

Ms.Bee Womxn + Seva Fresh Farm are new product sponsors of Earth Day Oregon, 2023. We have teamed up with Camp Fire Central Oregon to create 2 BRAND NEW to the market products, celebrating our local youth & the Environment. Combining local farm-sourced ingredients such as our own bees wax, native herbs, propolis & honey, our partners have created a one of a kind ultra healing, Vanilla Birthday Cake lip balm! In addition to the Celebrate Oregon Lip Balm, we have a Buzz Off Bug Spray & Insect Repellent, also naturally and locally sourced (Lavender-based) & free of toxic chemicals.
Rest assured, our products are adult and kid-friendly! Both of these unique products are fair-farm sourced by the farmer herself (me) in Bend & Terrebonne Oregon. Our company duo proudly offers 50% proceeds back to Camp fire CO, starting April 1- indefinitely, as we feel our items are so needed to help elevate kids into eco-skincare practices and conscious-purchasing.

Ms.Bee Womxn & Seva Fresh Farm proudly give back funds to educate & support our youth.

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*Please note. Respectfully, this not a free service. These are live animals and we are a rescue farm. We request a donation towards our farm for $150 to $300+ depending on the details provided by our clients.
We request 50% up front to save the date, towards your total order
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