Novice = Me
I am currently exercising my delicate balance of grace and ego working with nature & biodiversity. Synergy doesn’t exist without all the things.

Our Rooster only lunged at me one time today, but I did show up with delicious snacks. He saw the bottom of my shoe a few times, not in his face but close enough to set a boundary.

One box of my Bees received their second story layer, as they are multiplying like crazy. I should’ve put that box on there last week but I decided to create their living ecosystem environment first because it needs to cultivate into the ground. I made a few mistakes tonite and tapped into their honey, pissing them off royally & they swarmed me. I was fully suited up, but there was an opening apparently, to teach me a lesson no doubt.
I pulled seven stingers out of my neck and chest, they have a little white ball at the end with a tiny thorn that goes into your skin. I didn’t panic because I felt the storm coming and I know that I’m not allergic so I allowed it to happen. I know what to do next time so this doesn’t happen again, but damn Mother Nature is nuts.

Fast forward to tell this story in the from the past….
Oddly enough, the stings healed fairly quickly. I spent an evening with a male friend who I was dating at the time. The pheromones of testosterone must have balanced out the hormones from the Bee venom. I was almost healed over night after feeling pretty heated and sore from all of the 11 stings total from that night. Venom therapy they call it…. or is it called dating a man therapy?

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